Location: Dunbar, Nebraska
Contact: Kevin Knorr
City / State / Zip: Dunbar, NE (68346)
Address: 5123 I Road
Phone: (402) 713-72
Created: 2018-01-26 16:58:13
  Registration #: 3796446  Price: $ 3500 Lot #:  
Comment: This yearling bull comes with excellent calving ease EPD's. He is an AI offspring from the great "RED LAZY MC CC DETOUR 2W", paired with one of our very reliable females from the Soo Line family of cows. He will bring calving ease consistency to your herd. Sleep well next spring with his mating's. 
  Registration #: 3796444  Price: $ 3500 Lot #:  
Comment: This yearling bull ranks high on the "gridmaster" index. He is an AI offspring of the famous calving ease bull "BROWN JYJ REDEMPTION Y1334", mated to a very consistent female. His genetics will bring healthy calves that grow quickly and with the proper care reach the top of your weaning weights. At 210 days he weaned at 710 lbs with a 3.32 lbs per day rate of gain.  
  Registration #: 3796442  Price: $ 3250 Lot #:  
Comment: This yearling bull is offspring of a mating to one of our herd sires - "SST ROMEO C16", a Red Soo Line Power Eye bull, mated to a moderate to large framed cow. He can be expected to bring excellent weaning weights to your herd. "Rooster" as we call him, was one of our last to calve, but he was weaned with the rest. At 165 days he weighed in at 684 lbs for a rate of gain of 3.47 lbs per day.  
  Registration #: 3796450  Price: $ 3250 Lot #:  
Comment: This yearling bull is the offspring of a mating with one of our herd sires - "SST Romeo C16", a Red Soo Line Power Eye bull", natural service to a very well put together cow from the J6 Ranch - "J6 MS.SOPHIE B412". You can expect high weaning weights from his calves as he calved at 92 lbs and when weaned at 182 days weighed 570 for a 3.13 lb rate of gain.  

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