Location: Grenora, ND.
Contact: Steven Geib
City / State / Zip: Grenora, ND (58845)
Phone: 4064802317
Comment: We have 8 cows for sale. Their registration numbers are 1449186, 1449210, 1696139, 1696140, 1707331, 1707335, 3481959, 3481968. All but two of them were a.i.ed May 12th. and 13th. They have been with a clean-up bull in pasture. The two that were not a.i.ed were with the bull only. They have all been preg-checked November 24th. and confirmed bred up. We are asking $3000 each individually, but if you buy several or all of them they will be $2500 each. Give me a call at 1-406-480-2317.
Created: 2017-12-06 01:20:58
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Preg Checked: No
Preg Check Certificate: No
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