Location: Central Nebraska
Contact: Perry Anderson
City / State / Zip: Elm Creek, NE (68836)
Address: 74447 L Rd
Phone: 308-991-1596
Created: 2017-09-12 01:19:37
  Quantity: 50  Price: $ 2000 Color: Red 
  Age: 1st calf heifer  Weight: 925# 
Sire Breed: Red Angus 
Parent Herd Breed: Red Angus and Red Angus x 
Sire Source: Gill, Cross Diamond, & Ludvingston (#1750005,#1749962,#1623905,#3500273,#1494688)
Service Sire Breed:  
Service Sire Source:  ()
Bred Method: Natural 
Preg Checked: Yes
Preg Check Certificate: No
Bred Date: June 5th thru July 5th 
Calving Date: March 17th thru April 16th 
Bangs Vacc: Yes 
Clostridial: Vision 7 Somnus at branding and preconditioning  
Respiratory: Modified live 5-way 2 times 
Lepto: Express 3 VL 
Pour On:  
Comment: Home raised. Buyer may pick 50 hd out of 98 hd. Exposed to bulls for 30 days only.  

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