Location: Abilene, Kansas
Contact: Brian Harris or Daryl Ferguson
City / State: Abilene, KS
Phone: 785-479-6048
Phone2: 785-479-0536
Comment: Fancy set of Certified Red Angus heifers. Heifer genetics are based from the Pieper Red Angus and our own H-F Red Angus operation. All heifers were bred to easy calving performance bulls. Heifers were pelvic measured, DNA tested, BVD-PI tested negativ by a licensed veterinarian, vaccinated, and evaluated for selection before breeding. Heifers were Ultra-sound pregnant on July 5 for calving date, and rechecked Preg safe off grass the first part of October. This fancy set of Red Angus heifers were bred with youi the Cow-Calf producer in mind. Steer mates to these heifers were finished out and as a group Yielded 63.92% with 92% graded Prime of Choice with a conversion of 6.29. This fancy set of Red Angus heifers were bred with you the Cow-Calf producer in mind. For more informnation, visit our website www.hfredanguscattle.com.
Created: 2017-08-13 18:55:41
  Quantity: 140  Price: $ Call Color: Red 
  Age: 18 months  Weight: 1000 
Sire Breed: Red Angus 
Parent Herd Breed: Red Angus 
Sire Source: Pieper Red Angus ()
Service Sire Breed: Red Angus 
Service Sire Source: AI- LSF SRR REDEEM 4103B, Pasture: LSF SSR CONQUEST 3313A,PIE RAMBLER 194, PIE NUF SED 3034, HPR NORSEMAN KING 9725, HFR SEQUOYA 1889, HFR CONQUEROR 3536, MUSHRUSH TROJ AN C178,and NEDULA D172 (1682142, 1623866, 1483448, 1710040,1359302, 1506153, 1710040, 1745458, 3525023)
Bred Method: A.I. + Pasture Exposed 
Preg Checked: Yes
Preg Check Certificate: Yes
Bred Date: April 20- June 10 
Calving Date: First of February  
Bangs Vacc: Yes 
Clostridial: Yes 
Respiratory: Express FP 5 VL5 
Lepto: Yes 
Pour On: Yes, Ivomec PO 
Other: Long Range 
Comment: These heifers are ready to go to work for your operation. All data information will be provided to the buyer. Our program plan is to produce Bred Red Angus heifers that are handled and selected as though they were coming back into our own operation!  

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